Ella Lab builds generative AI tools for tomorrow’s storytellers.

Ella Lab is the technical partner of Ella Media AG. We research and develop AI-based language models and software products an that generate high-quality content for the news and media world as well as creative stories for the entertainment industry.


We have 5 years of experience in generative AI R&D, building proprietary language models and fine tuning open ones that form the basis of our software applications. Our primary focus is the generation of new texts for non-fiction and fiction-based media.


Our mission is to evolve storytelling with AI insightfully and responsibly. We are committed to the integrity of news, media, and the entertainment industries – for the good of culture and society. Our approach is characterised by high aspirations and standards we set ourselves for the quality of inputs and outputs. We evaluate the capabilities and verify the performance of our language models through our dedicated TextQA, provided by a team of linguistic experts who work synergistically with our machine learning and data science teams. This ensures our clients and users benefit from market-leading diligence.


We are a dedicated team of researchers, developers and language experts that have made it their mission to revolutionize the world of texts with the help of artificial intelligence.

As part of the AI ecosystem of North Rhine-Westphalia, we are also represented on the AI.map of the competence platform KI.NRW. To our entry


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